I, Claudia Gschwentner, am Austrian and was born in the beautiful area of Salzkammergut.

"Dirndl" dresses and "Tracht" - outfits were always a big part of your wardrobe.

Do you also know this problem when you bought yourself a marvellous "TRacht" but you can´t

find the right accessoires, which would upgrade your outfit.

I´va been grazing my way through thousands of shops looking for the right headgear.

My serches on the internet never gabe me the right satisfaction.

Then I decided without further ado to ralize my high standards in the form of my own hat creations.

Each one of my creations is unique!

Yoyfull romance and the love for detail are reflected in my Clamaré hats.

My clients eill feel unique, as they also are!

After been landed on my homepage, your long search has ended.

Have a look around in my Onlineshop or contact me at info@clamare.de customize a hat to your exact whishes.


Yours truly

Claudia Gschwentner